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Welcome to Whole Food Hiker, the online home of Aria Zoner, a guidebook author, long-distance hiker, and dually-certified Health Counselor & Nutrition Coach. To explore my offerings, scroll below.

The Siskiyou Peaks Trail

The Hot Springs Trail

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Whether proposing, hiking, or helping to maintain trails, you won't get very far without your health. This is why Aria Zoner believes that more important than the adventure, is being able to thrive during it. Below, you'll find original guidebooks and writings on not just adventures, but opportunities and ways to invest in your health during them. Reach the end of the trail healthier than when you started it. This is the mission of a Whole Food Hiker.

Mile 0 of The Hot Springs Trail - By Ber

The Hot Springs Trail

The Siskiyou Peaks Trail crags to shasta

The Siskiyou Peaks Trail

On the Siskiyou Peaks Trail - Split Rock

The Adventure Catalogue

Whole Food Hiker - Soda Mountain - by Ar

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BLOG: Wellness on Trail


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