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The Hot Springs Trail

Journey from Santa Barbara, California to Canada on this National Scenic Trail Proposal celebrating the natural wonder of hot springs and the lengths people go to soak in them. 

The Siskiyou Peaks Trail

Visit the highest point in seven wilderness areas on this National Recreation Trail Proposal highlighting the Siskiyou region, also known as the Klamath Knot. 

The Adventure Catalogue

Join Aria Zoner as he hikes the Pacific Crest, Arizona, Colorado, and many other long-distance trails. This unique book is a collection of trail journals, loaded with tricks of the trade and tips for each trail. 

Upgrade Your Nutrition

To obtain calories, some hikers sacrifice their health to reach the end of a trail. Zoner on the other foot, uses long-distance hiking as a way to invest in his health, and shows you how to do the same. 

Blog: Wellness on Trail

Whether building, hiking, or helping to maintain trails, you won't get far without your health. That's why I believe, more important than the adventure, is staying healthy during it. Here's my best tips.

Aria Zoner

Aria Zoner is an accomplished hiker who writes about his adventures on long-distance trails, his studies of nutrition & wellness, and his original ideas for new National Trails.