Detox & pH

Just below is an eye-opening video  discussing the fundamental principles of the detoxification process and how they can help you achieve a greater level of health and performance.


This aspect of nutrition - Elimination - is important to understand because it affects your performance and recovery time. The key take-away here, is that the difference between someone who's burdened by toxins and someone who's not is noticeable on its own; however, it becomes even more noticeable when combined with someone who's suffering from nutrient deficiencies and someone who's not - thanks to Assimilation.

Part 1: Activating the Detoxification Process

This vital process controls the removal of toxins and waste, the recovery from stress and energy spent, and the rebuilding of the body on a cellular level.

Natural Cleansing Protocol
Part 2: Natural Cleansing Protocol

Follow these steps to prolong that after-cleanse freshness or to maintain a light-&-fast feeling all the time.


Here's to a blissful rebooting!

"My muscle recovery time on a whole food/plant-based diet is a small fraction of what it was before. I rarely even get sore anymore."  Austintatiouslychad