F.A.Q's - Ashland Peaks Trail

 How long is this trail?


Exactly 100 miles when completed as proposed in the E-Guide to the APT.

What are the current trail tread percentages?

Trail = 69%

Dirt roads (open & closed) = 19%

Roads = 7% - 1 mile, approaching Hyatt Lake, and 6 miles, on Shale City Road.

What is the longest waterless alert?

8.5 miles. Located between 1 mile past Hyatt Lake and the quarry site on Shale City Rd.


How many opportunities to resupply are there?


There are 3 on-trail resupply stops including the town of Ashland, at Mile 0, Callahan's Lodge, at Mile 30.9, and Hyatt Lake Resort, at Mile 69.8. You can also return to Ashland mid-trip, most easily from the Mt Ashland Ski Area access road crossings, the crossing of Interstate 5, at Callahan's Lodge, the crossing of Hwy 66, at Mile 61.8, and from the crossing of Indian Memorial Hwy, at Mile 78.7.

Is this trail open to bike-packing?


Are permits required to hike this trail?


Is this trail easy to complete?

With proper gear, adequate health, and backcountry navigation/survival skills, yes, but if any one of these things is missing, it may be difficult in places.

What's the current FKT for this trail?

3 days, 7 hours (via PCT/Lone Pilot Trail bypass) - set in 2019 by Aria Zoner.

Does the trail return to Mile 0?

No, not at this time. However, this trail has been published to increase the interest in, and the need of, a connector trail between Grizzly Peak and the town of Ashland. For more details about this possibility, check out the final pages of the E-Guide to The Ashland Peaks Trail.

Where can I find additional information about this trail?

For a complete set of maps, plus my own hand-written data to go along with them, download my E-Guide to The Ashland Peaks Trail. Also included, is a link to download a GPS file for this trail and information on grocery stores, hotels, and how to return to Ashland periodically throughout the hike. 

WATCH: A Little Tour of Ashland