The Hot Springs National Scenic Trail Proposal


Welcome to a new style of travel: Thru-Soaking! This multi-sport adventure trail extends for 2,421 miles and connects some of the best wild and resort soaking pools in the US. Visit remote mountaintops and friendly Farmer's Markets while following a seamless stream of single-track hiking trails, backcountry roads, and on >

"With your flawless directions we had the best hot spring experience on trail."  Greg "Nothing Yet" Collier

Section Guidebooks for The  Hot Spring Trail

Part 1 of 4:

Beginning from the Pacific Ocean, the CCT is diverse and despite its proximity to LA remains vacant. After leaving Santa Barbara, you'll travel across rugged mountain ranges, descend narrow canyons, and soak on >

  • Begins on the Beach

  • Stellar Ocean Views

  • Excellent Camping

  • Health Food Stores

"The scenery itself here has really blown me away. It's been a landscape that I didn't realize was here. It was pretty stunning. It was really cool."  Footsteps of Freedom

Section Guidebooks for The  Hot Spring Trail

 Part 2 of 4:

The HSHST is a breathtaking journey across an alpine region known as the High Sierra. Along the way, you'll visit both wild and resort hot springs. To hike this trail is to walk in the footprints of John Muir on >

  • See the Hinterlands

  • Climb to High Passes

  • Escape the Crowds

  • Soak on a Cliff

"The HSHST is a great challenge with huge rewards. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has at least one 100-mile thru-hike under their belt and is decent with navigation."  Drew 'Dreams' Reams

Section Guidebooks for The  Hot Spring Trail

 Part 3 of 4:

The Nevada Trail is comprised of 2 National Recreation Trails, open playas, backcountry roads, and trail-less ridge-running. With casinos, historic sites and hot springs between, there's never a dull on >

  • Hike with Wild Horses
  • Sky above the Desert

  • Find Relics & Gems

  • Trail-less Options & Bypasses

"I love Nevada. It's a unique, interesting and difficult walk. It's very desolate at times so it's not like I'd want to hike this year after year, but it's really neat to do at least once."  Buck-30

Section Guidebooks for The  Hot Spring Trail

 Part 4 of 4:

The Idaho Soaktennial Trail is a splash! Soak often and eat wild huckleberries while loosely following the ICT - Idaho Centennial Trail. Meet old timers, whitewater rafters, mountain bikers & other hot spring on >

  • Travel from Desert to Rainforest
  • Bike & Pack-Rafting Options

  • Forage for Dinner

  • Big Game Wildlife Encounters

"Zoner's route through Idaho takes you from hot springs to homesteads in some of America's largest wilderness areas. If you're looking for big country and no crowds, this might be the hike for you."  Clay Jacobson -

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The Hot Springs Trail Almanac is the book that helps your partner say yes to 4 months on-trail. See where you'll be going and use it to dream where your Zero Days will be. This book is both informative and revealing.


  • Get to know the trail

  • Use it for planning

  • A Thru-soaker's MUST HAVE

  • Directly Supports the Trail

"My wife got me the guidebook for my birthday while we were hiking the PCT last year and I carried it for 300 miles devouring the idea."  Timmy "Mountain Prana" Fearn

Become a Part of History in the Making

The Hot Springs Trail Official Guidebook has been published to be used as a template for an official Hot Springs National Scenic Trail.


"The Hot Springs Trail is more than just a trail to hot spring areas, it's a journey to hot springs culture." - AZ



Connecting Sacred Places with Healing Waters

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Updates, improvements, and additional options may be added to these guidebooks in the future. Please understand, there are no refunds or replacements made on previously purchased versions when a new edition comes out.


Thanks for understanding and enjoy the trail!



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