• Aria Zoner

3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles

In honor of Armed Forces Day, we’re barraging the backcountry barracks and learning how to take our rest breaks in places that uplift us. Using techniques designed to build discipline, focus, and resiliency on the battlefield– these 3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles are a hard combo to beat when training for, or just trying to maintain, peak performance. Let’s join the battle, already in progress, and see who’s got the upper hand...

Celebrate your freedom of mobility today by Mashing some Miles

3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles

Military Hacks #1: Have Discipline

The easiest and most effective way to mash more miles is to BEAT THE SUN UP, literally. Getting up early gives you all day to go bigger – plus time to stop and smell the flowers!

Military Hacks #2: Have Drive and Focus

Tap into your own drive and focus by asking yourself questions that instigate a motivating response. How bad do you want this summit? How bad do you want to soak in this hot spring? How bad do you want to swim in this glacial cirque lake? How bad do you want to reach the next resupply? How bad do you want to be the one with the FKT?

To mash more miles with Drive and Focus, set a big goal…then deliver. BOOM!

Also, at least once a day - or during your rest breaks - do a few exercises that workout your Anti-T-Rex Devices: this will prevent T-Rex Syndrome from sneak-attacking while you’re out on a long-distance backpacking trip.

Here are 3 moves that flex and build Anti-T-Rex Devices:

  1. Push-ups (Standard)

  2. Vertical Pull-ups (Laid-back)

  3. Horizontal Pull-ups

With guns blazing and T-Rex at bay, you’ll be able to claw your way an extra mile using nothing but your arms if you have to.

Military Hacks #3: Have a Strategic Plan

Nothing’s worse than hustling all morning then reaching the roadside produce stand and finding it empty. Or showing up to the post office to pick up a resupply box unknowingly on a Sunday. That kind of thing can end a good mood real quick. These small defeats can be prevented easily though by having a strategic plan that's constantly being updated depending on your circumstances. 

Having a good strategy, as opposed to just being out there winging it, can save you enough time with its efficiency to get in a few extra miles in each week, if not every day.

In Summary:

Get up early and record your hiking time on a favorite local trail (then try to beat your own best time on it). Stop somewhere along the way and do some push-ups. Have a strategy or back-up plan in mind in case things don't work out the way you had intended.

3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles

  1. Beat the sun up

  2. Watch out for T-Rex Syndrome

  3. Stop making excuses


Signing off on Armed Forces Day with trekking poles clapping and a slew of selfies snapping, this is Aria Zoner, your defender of edible wilderness, healthy hiking, and all things trail.