Ashland Peaks Local Scenic Trail


Located along the Pacific Crest Trail in southwest Oregon, the town of Ashland is surrounded by scenic and accessible peaks. This adventure leads to 15 of these local highpoints, plus a few lakes and shelters. Along the way you'll utilize the PCT for a stretch, but unlike many thru-hikers of the PCT, you'll be diverting from the trail often to summit peaks. You'll also be seeing locals on some of these peaks, but unlike many of them, you'll be traveling between summits using interconnect trails that even they don't know about. This trail can be backpacked over the course of a 3 or 4 day weekend, completed in sections over time by day hiking, or done in a single day if you're (insert your name here).

WATCH: The First Thru-Hike


  • Easy to Access

  • Leaves Right From Town

  • Explores Local Trails

  • Visits Mountaintop Springs

  • Fire Lookout Sites

  • Minimal Road Walking 

  • Weekly Farmer's Market at Mile 0

  • No Permits Required

  • Official Completion Certificates

"I can't wait to do this with my kids someday!"  Arron - Bulk Food Specialist at the Ashland Food Co+op


Resupply Points on The Ashland Peaks Trail



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