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Whole Food Hiker

Want to go big and recover fast? Of course you do. Well in my own pursuit of these same things, I became a dually certified Nutrition Coach & Health Counselor. But not to have clients, to manage myself during these long-distance hikes. Along the way, I noticed a few things that stood out. During this upgrade, I'll be sharing these insights with you because I believe that you not only deserve to finish a trail, you deserve to feel fantastic in the process.
Continue below to discover my best nutritional advice. By the time you've made it thru this series, assuming you've implemented what you learned, your resupply should be going further than it was before AND you should be recovering faster too. That's what makes this an upgrade! 

"Your approach to hiking is something completely different to what I've heard before which is pretty cool."  val_ismaili


Tips on hiking:

  • Raw

  • Vegan

  • Whole

  • Organic

  • Flexitarian

  • Cookless

  • Resupply Boxes



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